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The METALL EWC (economic working community)., was established with the main scope to manufacture aluminium spacer bars. The firm started its operation in a 16 m2 garage of a detached house at 7, Sárosi street, Székesfehérvár.
Due to the dynamic development, the garage proved to be small. That is why a workshop of 130 m2 and an office of 70 m2 were built.
The expansion extended to the adjacent estate, resulting in another 140 m2 workshop and an 80 m2 office.
The EWC was converted into a Limited Liability Company. The main sphere of activities of Metall Glas Ltd. included the trade of flat glass, machines and auxiliary materials. The firm had two premises ( first at the 9, Sárosi street, second at 1, Kiskút street where it had a more than 400 m2 workshop, an office and a 1000 m2 rented warehouse.

In the same year METALL GLAS Ltd. formed the first Italian-Hungarian joint venture under the name of METIM Ltd. It was among the first companies in the country that started the import of reflective glasses, auxiliary materials, glass processing machines and equipments from Italy.
METIM Ltd. has its premises at 9/a Sárosi út, Székesfehérvár and has been operating in an office of 80 m2.

The company started to build up a countrywide network. The main headquarters in the network were in GYOR, BUDAPEST, KAPOSVÁR, ZALAEGERSZEG, PÉCS. The new premises and firms went into sole or mixed property. At the beginning their main activity was to supply the regional retailers, then from the year 2000 the regional glass processing has begun.
ALBA GLAS Ltd. was established with the main profile of insulated glass production. The plant started operation in a rented workshop of 800 m2 at Major út, Székesfehérvár.
METALL GLAS Ltd. purchased a 40.000 m2land area at 5 Holland fasor, Székesfehérvár and started the construction of a logistics centre of nearly 6.500 m2. NYÍR GLAS Ltd. was established in Nyíregyháza.
METALL GLAS Ltd. aquired the share of the Italian company from METIM Ltd. The ALBA GLAS Ltd. purchased a 20.000 m2 land area with a 3.000 m2 factory on it at 53-55, Börgöndi út, Székesfehérvár.
SZOL GLAS Ltd. was established at Szolnok with the aim of manufacturing insulation glasses.
ALBA GLAS Ltd. started constructing a new cutting plant on 1.600 m2. By enlarging its range of activities, besides the production of insulated glasses, other glass processing methods were also introduced (for exl.drilling, bending, bevelling etc.) METALL GLAS Ltd. was converted to a joint-stock company and its share capital was increased.
The investment of Metall Glas Co. Was completed, and the new logistic center was handed over at 5, Holland fasor, Székesfehérvár
As a result of technological development, one of the most up-to-date tempering furnace in the country was handed over expanding the range of products and services offered by the company. The company purchased a land of around 10.000 m2 in the industrial area of Oroszlány with a factory of 3.000 m2 on it.
METALL GLAS 2000 Ltd. was established as a new company, and it has started production on this premises. Its main sphere of activities includes the manufacturing of machines and equipment for the glass industry.
METALL GLAS Stock Company has launched the construction of a new, 10.000 m2 factory at 5, Holland fasor, on its two-hectare un-built property.
JÜLLICH GLAS HOLDING has been established with the aim of providing financial, strategic and marketing management for companies (Metall Group) established so far.
The number of companies belonging to Jüllich Glas Holding have changed with Glassworld Ltd. for 12.
In march Jüllich Glas Show-room opened in Budapest.
A new automatic insulation glass production line has started to work at Alba Glas Ltd.
The Metall Glas 20 years and the Alba Glas 10 years birthday was celebrated at the new 11.000 m2 production hall.
In the new factory a BOVONE laminated safety glass production line and a SHOLCZ autoclave was installed. Workshop and offices have moved to the new production hall from Börgöndi Street.
The launch of the automotive retailing activity has started at the location of the Alba Glas Ltd in 5.000 m2. The name of the new comapany is Alba Glas Autoglas Ltd. For the developments of the next 5 year our company purchases a land area of 110.000 m2 near the highway M7 in Székesfehérvár.
Technological improvements were made, by purchasing a CNC edge working, a double edging and a digital printing machine.
In September the construction of the 13.000 m2 logistics center was started at the new industrial area..
The JG Glass Retailing, the Alba Glas Autoglas, and the new branch Jüllich Glas Solar moved into the new hall at Holland fasor 8.
As a technological improvement, a new automatic cutting table, automatic IG lines and a spacer bending machine was installed to increase our capacity.
As a result a the new investment, the PV module production has started , the capacity of tempering and glass processing division was expanded . The new solar division became the milestone of the developments pointing toward future.
The LEAN manufacturing process has started, the 5S production system was launched.
The construction of the new office building has started.
30th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration
Mr Ádám Jüllich founded the predecessor of the Jüllich Glas Holding Co. the Metall Glas GM 30 years ago.